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“Name” Brands

September 15th, 2009

Joe Wilson, Serena Williams, Kanye West…names in the news for reasons their mothers would probably not approve. What is wrong with these fools?

When you have achieved a certain level of accomplishment, you are probably in the spotlight from time to time. Your name and face are familiar to many.

In the case of celebrities, their livelihood is directly impacted by their behavior. Commercial endorsements are on the line every day. In the case of politicians, money in the form of reelection war chests is in play continuously.

Only a fool acts like one when their name is their brand. We are all capable of playing the fool. But when you’ve been on the public stage awhile, as these characters have been, you would hope a higher level of self-awareness would override the impulse to act like a jerk.

When the line is crossed, you would think these accomplished individuals would know how to apologize, genuinely and sincerely.

If for no other reason, than to control the damage they’ve inflicted on their own brand name.

Evidently, mama did raise some fools.

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