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Summer – The Brand

August 30th, 2010

Summer. Just the word evokes multiple sensations, memories, and experience.

When you live in the far north, summer is short, so you savor it. It means more.

This summer has been classic in every sense of the word. It arrived early. Disappeared briefly. Returned and stayed to the present, bringing heat, humidity, thunderstorms, tornadoes – the whole package.

Summer 2010 isn’t over and it’s already one for the record books with record rainfall in some locales, a record number of tornadoes in the region, and a string of 80+ degree days that, if not record-setting, is definitely memorable.

Summer is a season that many wait all year to enjoy, only to have it pass much too quickly. I was fortunate to be able to “check out” for the summer – a large portion of spring, too.

Being Norwegian Lutheran, I should never volunteer such information. At the very least I should suffer some guilt over such an irresponsible use of time.

Nope. Not feelin’ it. At this stage of the game I feel absolutely no shame in spending the spring and summer not working on business related stuff.

I’m not old enough, or rich enough to retire, but I can afford to coast between projects when necessary. I’ve been coasting since April Fools Day. Coincidence? Maybe.

All the projects I’m connected to have been put on hold. Corporate-speak for “we’re not sure about anything right now.” It would appear that decision-makers have taken the summer off, too.

It used to be that August was the “lost month” where nothing of consequence occurred. Now, it seems to be the entire summer that languishes without a single decisive moment.

Oh well, I’m not complaining. There is still almost a month of summer ahead, followed by the greatest season of all – fall. I can almost smell the burning leaves.

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