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Ten-Second Take

August 26th, 2009

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Man As Brand (Reprise)

A man who represented an entire family legacy (and brand) passed away last evening. Edward (Ted) Kennedy was the sole surviving brother of four sons of family patriarch Joseph Kennedy. As a US Senator, Ted Kennedy represented perhaps the last of a vanishing breed – an unapologetic liberal Democrat. He carried forth the torch that his brother, President John F. Kennedy, brought forward nearly fifty years ago. A torch that burned bright until nearly completely distinguished by the the assassinations of brothers John and Robert. Ted became the standard-bearer for a family, a family that embodied the hopes, dreams, aspirations and dashed expectations of a generation of people who held liberal ideals. He was the Lion of the Senate, serving liberal causes since taking the seat vacated by his brother in 1962. He outlived his brothers by 40+ years. Collectively they gave the Kennedy brand meaning and relevance. Ironically, the youngest son, who showed the least promise, may in fact give the Kennedy brand more substance due to his long successful legislative career. A legacy that started with a strong father, took on brand status with the achievements of ambitious sons, now passes into history with the passing of its youngest member. And the cycle continues…

Thoughts … On Brand

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